How to Make an Electric Toothbrush Quiet

Is an Electric Toothbrush Worth It?

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If you’ve not yet made the switch from manual to electric and you’re wondering whether it’s worth the investment, then you should be interested in reading today’s article which discusses just that topic. There’s plenty of debate on the subject, and one thing that dentists the world over agree about is the absolute necessity of maintaining an excellent dental hygiene routine to remove the buildup of oral plaque which is a significant contributing factor in causing gum disease and tooth decay. However, is an electric toothbrush worth it or will a manual option do the trick just as well?

For sure, both have their relative merits and benefits and are proven safe and effective means of routinely cleaning your teeth and gums while also keeping on top of your oral hygiene. According to most global dentistry associations, the overwhelming consensus is that electric is simply far more effective, particularly when it comes to that vital role of removing plaque than manual brushing alone is.

These days, electric toothbrushes also come with a host of additional benefits and hi-tech features which make the process of cleaning your teeth more akin to that of having a professional hygienist tackle the cleaning of your mouth. If you really do want to brush like a pro, then we have it on competent authority that electric is very much the way to go!

Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

First, what even is an electric toothbrush and how does it work? Well, depending upon whether you’ve opted for a sonic version, a rechargeable battery model or one of the various other modes of electric toothbrush currently available, it will basically feature a slimline brush head. Various choices of heads with different style brush textures can be attached to a handle that’s fitted with a motor and the bristles.

The head will move in either a vibrating, oscillating or a rotating action. This action effectively removes plaque and other debris from the surface of and in between your teeth. The brush head makes tiny micro-movements and enables you to exercise the correct brushing technique going over, around and above your teeth in all directions.

Significantly more effective at removing plaque

We’ve already mentioned this point, but it is hands down one of the most significant advantages of an electric toothbrush. The more frequently you use an electric toothbrush, the less plaque buildup you will suffer from on-going and therefore the less likely you are also to develop a nasty case of gingivitis.

Studies prove that after three months of regularly using an electric as opposed to a manual toothbrush, plaque can be reduced overall by up to 21 percent and gingivitis by 11 percent. It was also found that oscillating, as opposed to simple vibrating electric toothbrushes, delivered even better results, so that’s something else to keep in mind when making your purchasing decision.

Electric toothbrushes are easier to handle for those with limited mobility

The great thing about an electric toothbrush is that it does most of the work for you. Your job is to simply glide it over your teeth in the general direction you want to cover, and the brush head takes care of the rest. This can be an excellent advantage for anyone with limited mobility or problems with their dexterity and in particular, may benefit people suffering with:

  • Arthritis
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Built-in timers take out the guesswork

It’s a common occurrence in today’s sophisticated electric toothbrushes that they feature a highly convenient built-in timer. This ensures that you clean your teeth for the optimum recommended duration which is currently established by the American Dental Association as being 2 minutes. While you could set a timer on your phone or just use your best judgment and calculate the time you’ve been manually cleaning your teeth for, electric is reliable and efficient in this respect.

Could lead to less waste

Once you’ve made that initial investment in a reliable and dependable electric toothbrush, you now only need to replace the brush heads periodically which could be less wasteful than routinely throwing away a manual toothbrush every couple of months. That’s not the case of course if you are purchasing an inexpensive single-use electric toothbrush.

Electric may improve general focus as well as your overall brushing technique

Using an electric toothbrush can help you stay more focused and grounded in the moment and improve your attitude and approach all-around towards your oral hygiene and gum health.

Fun for all the family especially the kids

It’s also a great way of getting kids more interested and excited about the prospect of regularly brushing their teeth too. Not all kids relish the thought of cleaning their teeth, but with an electric toothbrush, the process is far more engaging and will quickly get them into a routine and establish healthy habits for the future.

Excellent option or anyone who has orthodontic appliances

Electric toothbrushes can be particularly practical and useful for anyone currently wearing orthodontic appliances such as fixed braces as the smaller oscillating brush head action means that it’s much easier to clean all around and in between the surfaces of the teeth and gums were unseen germs can be harbored. This is especially true when you are wearing braces where it’s more important than ever to keep on top of a regular and thorough brushing routine.

If you are struggling to give your mouth a thorough clean while temporarily wearing braces, then an electric toothbrush is definitely worth considering.

Electric can also be safer and less damaging to delicate gums

As long as you are using an electric toothbrush correctly, it could also end up being much gentle and less harmful on your gums and overall can promote much better oral health and hygiene.

The Final Verdict

We’ve focused today on the benefits of electric toothbrushes, and overall we have to say that they do make the practical process of brushing your teeth much easier as well as being more effective at removing plaque. If ever you have any specific queries about which toothbrush is best for you, it’s best to check with your dentist.

We’d certainly argue that case that yes, an electric toothbrush is worth it, but ultimately that’s down to you to decide. It should come as little surprise that so many consumers have switched these days to electric versus the original manual process as there are many distinct advantages. If you’ve not yet tried an electric toothbrush for yourself, don’t you think it’s about time you gave one a go? We’re confident you’ll think it’s worth it too!

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