Can You Keep Electric Toothbrush on Charger?

Can You Keep Electric Toothbrush on Charger?

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Recently bought an electric toothbrush for yourself? If yes, then you probably have a few unanswered questions about how it’s used and cared for. If you are wondering whether or not can you keep electric toothbrush on charger after it’s done charging, then we’ve got you covered.

Before we get on with that, though, let’s take a quick a brief history review of toothbrushes and how we ended up with electric toothbrushes.

How Electric Toothbrushes Came to Be

Throughout human history, there’s been a need for some form of teeth cleaning. It is known that bacteria buildup on teeth results in a sticky film called plaque. Plaque build-up has negative side effects including bad breath, cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss at the end of the road.

The very first toothbrushes were made from cattle bone and horse hair. Thankfully, toothbrushes have come a long way since then. When using standard toothbrushes weren’t enough, electric toothbrushes were invented.

Electric toothbrushes are perfect for people who have a difficult time effectively using a regular toothbrush and flossing as much as they should. If you fall under this category, then you have probably acquired an electric toothbrush for yourself. You’ve taken a valuable step in preventing the major causes of tooth loss!

How to Care for Electric Toothbrushes?

Maintaining your electric toothbrush is vital to its prime performance. There are many things you should do to maintain your toothbrush properly. Basic steps include rinsing your toothbrush to wash away bacteria and debris, as well as keeping your toothbrush charged so its battery stays healthy.

Toothbrushes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. These are rechargeable batteries that are used in most electric toothbrushes available today. A few models do use replaceable batteries, but it’s not common.

How Do Rechargeable Batteries Work?

The chemistry behind rechargeable batteries is the key to understanding whether or not can you keep electric toothbrush on charger past its 100% mark. Think of a battery as an electrochemical cell, otherwise known as a series of cells that can go through different reactions with an energy source.

Through chemical reduction and oxidation, the gain and loss of electronic particles in an atom cause the battery to refuel. This process is unlike a regular battery because the electrical flow of such can only travel in one direction.

With rechargeable batteries, this flow is dual-ended, ultimately allowing the battery to recharge. Rechargeable batteries are the key to making electric toothbrushes function, so keep them as healthy as possible!

Can You Keep Electric Toothbrush on Charger?

Many people worry whether or not their electric toothbrush can be left on its charger after every use. This fear makes sense since some batteries lose their charge faster when plugged in after a full charge. While this may be the case for your phone, it is not the same for your toothbrush.

Leaving your electric toothbrush on the charger whenever it’s not in use is actually the ideal way of handling and maintaining your brush. Thankfully, an electric toothbrush will not be harmed if left on the charger for long after it is fully charged.

So, why is this possible with an electric toothbrush but not with many other batteries?

When plugged into the wall, electrical current travels through a cord into a section of your charger that transfers this energy charge to another source. For your electric toothbrush, this happens to be the lithium-ion battery.

The current that the section of the electrical charge flows through limits the amount of energy that travels. This gateway prevents damage. Electric toothbrushes use what’s called a trickle charger. Trickle chargers, otherwise called battery maintainers, use electricity to refill batteries at the same pace they lose their energy.

This means that for every percent your battery dies, it is replenished almost instantly. There are different currents found in different trickle chargers, and an electric toothbrush is as close to a trickle as you can get. By having this dialed in, the power being forced into your battery is minuscule and doesn’t harm your battery.

Concerned about your electric bill?

Electric toothbrush chargers use very low amounts of electricity due to the trickle charge function. The energy current is limited, and therefore, so is the amount of electricity used. The less energy sent through the charger, the less your electric bill will be.

If you’re concerned about keeping it on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, then feel free to remove it from the charger. For optimal performance of your toothbrush, you do not need to have it sitting on the charger. Your electric toothbrush can often last at least a day and even up to three weeks for some advanced models.

What to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that companies suggest making sure that you let your toothbrush power down fully at least once every five or six months, or more frequently, depending on the model. This can increase the life of your battery over time and guarantee that it will last for years to come.

Nobody likes having to purchase another electric toothbrush after you have one you already love! Stick with the manufacturer’s suggestions to make sure your teeth can have the best care possible.

Wrapping It Up

You may be curious as to why this key question is such a big deal. With other batteries, lifespan can vary greatly in relation to how an individual takes care of a device. If you give your electric toothbrush’s batteries the proper care it needs, then you will never have to be concerned about your toothbrush losing its full battery capabilities.

Feel free to keep your electric toothbrush on its charger after every use. Due to its charger being able to limit energy flow, your toothbrush will not be harmed in the process. If you do this, just remember to let it power down every few months to ensure optimal performance.

One alternative benefit of keeping your electric toothbrush on its charger is you’ll always know exactly where to find it! We all tend to be forgetful and misplace items. When kept on the charger, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly where your toothbrush is.

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