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Why Does My Jaw Hurt?

Do you ever have a nagging ache in your jaw up by your ear?  Or does pain radiate into your temples?  Maybe you just deal with general headaches and you’ve never really been able to figure out why.  Everyone deals with headaches at times.  Labeled as “brain pain of the highest magnitude,” 90% of people […]

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How Do I Stop Bad Breath?

A lot of patients ask me this question in one form or another: “How do I stop bad breath?”  Many times they’ve been admonished by a loved one or kids, and it’s frequently a source of embarrassment or shame.  Fortunately, getting a handle on the problem isn’t rocket science, but it does involve a little […]

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Why Are My Gums Bleeding When I Floss?

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, “Healthy gums don’t bleed.” Sometimes people get used to bleeding gums, and it might seem like they’re normal. But you may be wondering, “Why are my gums bleeding when I floss or brush?”  It’s a vital question and not one to sweep aside.  You don’t want to ignore this […]

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